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Williston Forklift Parts - Williston is a city within the state of North Dakota, USA. It is the county seat of Williams County and in the year 2010; the population was recorded at 14,716, according to the census, making it the 9th biggest city in North Dakota. The City of Williston was established during 1887. The city's name is derived from Daniel Willis James. He was a member of the Northern Pacific Railroad Company. James J. Hill, his friend, an owner of a railroad, named the city to honor him.

The Williston Herald is the city's newspaper and is available both in print and online. The Sloulin Field International Airport services the area as the only international airport. This is a public airport situated 2 miles north of the business district. The Miss Dakota Scholarship Pageant and Williston State College are both situated here.

While historically agricultural based, Williston's economy has been increasingly driven by the oil industry in recent years. Williston is situated on top of the Bakken formation. This location is predicted to be making more oil than any other region within the USA by the end of the year 2012. This location even surpasses Prudhoe Bay in Alaska, a longtime leader in domestic output. The city has additionally seen population growth and a large increase in infrastructure investments during the last few years as well. There has been much expanded drilling occurring which relies on the "frac" petroleum extraction method. This has been occurring within the Bakken Formation, along with the Three Forks Groups.

North Dakota has a state website which details much of the daily oil activity. It was projected in the year 1995 by the U.S. Geographical Survey that the Bakken Shale was responsible for around 150 million barrels of oil. This has increased to 4 billion barrels by 2008. During 2010, the geologists at the major drilling operation in the state of North Dakota, referred to as Continental Resources, estimated the reserve actually at 8 billion. A discovery of a lower shelf of oil in March 2012, announced a possibility of 24 billion barrels of oil available.

The current technology nowadays allows for the extraction of around 6% of the oil trapped 1 to 2 miles beneath the earth's surface. Based on these estimates, the recoverable oil might be able to surpass 500 billion barrels eventually.

The Williston livestock arena has weekly auctions in the area. There is also a major regional grain elevator which is served by the Burlington Northern Santa Fe railroad.

The area was once part of the history of the Lewis and Clark Expedition, since Fort Buford and Fort Union and the convergence of the Missouri and Yellowstone Rivers served as stops on this Expedition. These areas support tourism within the state. As well, Williston is also rather near the North Unit of Theodore Roosevelt National Park that attracts lots of visitors each year.

The City of Williston has numerous medical clinics, like: Fairlight Medical Center, Craven-Hagan Clinic, and even Trinity Medical Clinic. The only Veteran's Affairs clinic available within northwestern North Dakota is provided by Fairlight Medical Center. This resource also serves people of northeastern Montana. Fairlight provides 4 health care professionals in a walk-in clinic setting. The Williston Hospital is Mercy Medical Center. They lack a walk-in clinic but provide 24 hour emergency care and trauma.

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