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Gradall Forklift Parts

Gradall Forklift Parts

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Gradall Forklift Part - The Gradall excavator was the brainchild of two brothers Ray and Koop Ferwerda. The excavator was established In the 1940's during WWII, when there was a scarcity of labourers. Partners in a Cleveland, Ohio construction company referred to as Ferwerda-Werba-Ferwerda, the brothers faced a huge predicament when lots of men left the labor force and signed up in the military, depleting available laborers for the delicate grading and finishing work on highway projects. The Ferwerda brothers decided to build a machine which would save their company by making the slope grading work less manual, easier and more efficient.

The initial excavator prototype consisted of a machine with two industrial beams on a rotating platform fixed to a used truck. There was a telescopic cylinder that was used to move the beams backward and forward. This enabled the fixed blade at the far end of the beams to pull or push the dirt. Before long improving the initial design, the brothers built a triangular boom in order to add more strength. Moreover, they added a tilt cylinder which let the boom rotate 45 degrees in either direction. A cylinder was positioned at the rear of the boom, powering a long push rod to enable the machine to be equipped with either a bucket or a blade attachment.

Gradall launched in the year 1992, with the introduction of the new XL Series hydraulics, the most ground-breaking adjustment in their machines ever since their invention. This new system of top-of-the-line hydraulics enabled the Gradall excavator to provide high productivity and comparable power to the more conventional excavators. The XL Series ended the original Gradall equipment power drawn from low pressure hydraulics and gear pumps. These conventional systems successfully handled grading and finishing work but had a hard time competing for high productivity jobs.

Gradall's new XL Series excavators showed more ability to lift and dig materials. With this series, the models were produced along with a piston pump, high-pressure system of hydraulics that showed distinct improvement in boom and bucket breakout forces. The XL Series hydraulics system was likewise developed along with a load-sensing capability. Conventional excavators utilize an operator to select a working-mode; where the Gradall system could automatically adjust the hydraulic power meant for the work at hand. This makes the operator's whole task easier and even saves fuel simultaneously.

When the new XL Series hydraulics became available in the market, Gradall was thrust into the vastly competitive industrial equipment market that are meant to deal with pavement removal, excavating, demolition as well as other industrial jobs. The introduction of the new telescoping boom helped to further enhance the excavator's marketability. The telescoping boom gives the excavator the ability to better position attachments and to work in low overhead areas.

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